Georgia Peach Candle | Moving to Atlanta

As stated in my introductory post, I want to share with you why each seven of my candles are special to me and and how I chose each scent and each name. 

Starting with Georgia Peach.. To be quite honest, I knew I would be a Georgia Peach (in my own sense of the phrase) before I even planned my move to Atlanta. Actually, my move here was not planned at all. I told my family and friends Atlanta was my dream city and though I didn’t know how I would get there, I will move to Atlanta. Let's rewind back to August 2017. I had just graduated in May from the University of Memphis with my bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Media. People do not prepare you for that post graduation depression because, man! It was real. I had been applying to several jobs that I didn't even receive a callback from, having a number of phone and in-person interviews that did not turn out in my favor, and several people asking the dreadful, 'so what are you going to do since you have graduated?' question. I hated it. 

However in August 2017, a couple of classmates and I set off for the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Conference being held in New Orleans, LA. The NABJ conference is a time for journalists of color to party, congregate, network, socialize and possibly find new jobs. I had one goal in particular: secure a job. I had such tunnel vision during the trip, I don't remember much about it other than attending the annual career fair. During which I secured a next-day interview with one news company and I met one man who helped change my life that worked for another company. The next-day interview I secured with a news company did not work out in my favor, however striking up a conversation and handing my business card and resume to one God-sent person did indeed work out in my favor. He told me he worked as a producer for at Turner Sports in Atlanta. It may have been a divine connection because from that conversation on, something told me Atlanta is where I was going to be. I did not even meet anyone else at the career fair being hosted at the NABJ conference. I went back to my Air B&B, laid in bed, and sunk in my anxiety-filled depression, unsure of what was to come in my life.

I sent several follow up emails and, fast-forward to October 2017, I was offered a position as a freelance producer for Within 2 weeks, I alerted my family and friends, found an apartment, packed all of my possessions and made the move to one of my dream cities, Atlanta, GA. Now in 2019, I am still a producer for content, a production coordinator for Bleacher Report Live, a chandler (candle maker) and I also own property here. Memphis will forever have my heart, but my second home is Atlanta, GA. 

What better way to honor this fascinating city than to create and name one of my favorite candles, Georgia Peach?

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