The Founder and the 5 W's

Healing heal·ing



  1. the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.


  1. tending to heal; therapeutic.


Do you know that feeling of doing so much with your life and still feeling like you’re not doing enough? In this introductory blog post, we will tackle the 5 W's of Janika Bates and my journey to becoming a Chandler (candle-maker). 

Who are you?

Janika Bates

What do you do?

Christian, Daughter, Sister, Friend, God mother to McCoy, Entrepreneur, Chandler, NBA Digital Producer

When were you born?

New Years Eve, 1994


Memphis, TN

Of all things, why candles?

Psalm 46:10 KJV - 'Be still and know that I am God.'

The idea literally came to me while sitting still in the nail shop. Affording rent in Atlanta is not cheap, especially if you are slightly anti-social and live alone. I had been trying to think of ways to make more money: sell hair and lashes? oversaturated. Start a YouTube channel? eh, I don't want to put on makeup everyday and think of things to rattle on about. Next. Become a stripper or bartender? Ah.. nope. I forgot I am slightly anti-social and sometimes socially awkward. I like candles, why not learn how to make those? *opens YouTube app and types 'How to make candles' in the search bar*. So there I was at Eminence Nails in Buckhead, watching videos on how to make candles, sketching up a plan to put my thoughts into action as soon as I left the nail salon.

During the process of learning how to make candles, I sensed a feeling of peace come over me, unlike I had ever felt before. I was a few months removed from a relationship that ended horribly. My work schedule did not allow for much of a social life, deeming it difficult for me to find and keep friends in a city I had been living in for only a year. Therefore, I felt extremely alone and deserted. I never thought of myself as a creative, however while discovering I could hand-pour something of substance and have it actually turn out doing what it was supposed to do (smell GOOD), I felt exhilarated. I came alive, so to say. It was a positive step toward the direction I had been searching for: the direction of healing.

After months of testing, planning, and valuable feedback, I was able to launch 7 scents on this platform that all have a special meaning to me. In terms of numerology, the number 7 represents introspection, analysis, spirituality, intuitiveness and wisdom. I will go into further detail about why that is important to my business, Joy Candle Co., in later blog posts. For now, enjoy the SE7EN OG scents: Joy, Relax, Love, Self-Care Day, Sage the Day, Georgia Peach, and Morning Coffee

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